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How Long Now?

This is how long until I get to see your gorgeous face! Okay, technically it's how long until I land in Frankfurt. It will probably take some time to find Ines, and some more time after that for the ride back to yours. Still, it's pretty close.


I've compiled a few things below to help pass the time until I get to hold you in my arms. They're more mood-based than date specific, you know?

Quick and Silly

Busy day, but you need a quick laugh? Click on one of the options below.

A Little Longer

If you have a little bit of extra time, here are some treats to entertain you for a little longer.

Quick and Sweet

For if you don't have much time, but you've somehow managed to forget how much I love  you.


Here are a couple of puzzles, games, and other things of that nature. The first is for you to do, the others are for us to do together.

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